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How To: Style the  Pygamas Trend 

It really was a long weekend for us all, and since tomorrow marks the beginning of a new work week, it’s sad to hear this; but it’s going to be the most ‘Mondayish Tuesday’ you’ve ever had. But not to worry, pygamas trend to the rescue.

** inserts hero soundtrack** 

It was a no brainer that I’d jump on this trend the minute I saw it. Well, I’m one to pick out my OOTD in the morning and now the best part is I don’t have to change out of my pygamas, how liberating. I love owning pieces I can style in 10 minutes or less. 

This comfortable polka dotted pygama top and bottom are comfortable,  eye-catching (at least for me) and can be paired with any item in your closet.


Lately I’ve had less to do, due to the ASUU strike so I’m mostly at home. This strike makes me lazy and uninspired sometimes, so it’s great to have this finds in your closet. Plus, when I’m ready to run out the door, my outfit is far from boring.


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What are your favorite ways of styling this items? Let’s hear all about it Ik the comments section.


15 thoughts on “How To: Style the  Pygamas Trend 

  1. Eh, hero pyjamas and all, aunty when are you bringing back that short reddish/purple hairstyle you used to have? Please I can’t get enough of it! Lol If I wore this combo my family would roast the hell out of my life. Who am I kidding? They always do no matter what I wear! Some of you are lucky o, being able to pull things off easily

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  2. Oh yes, you rock these polka dot pyjama pants! To be honest I have never try the pyjama trend. If I ever decide to try it I would probably start with a top and paire it with boyfriend jeans, just to be safe. But you Nina, you nailed it!

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