Notes | August ’17

Is it just me or 2017 is coming to an end rather to quickly? It’s a new month and your favorite post on the blog as well- which involves catching up on all I’ve been up to during the month of August.

I’m so excited because August was one of my lazy months, my consistency in posting on the blog says it all but most of all, I had the most memorable event happen in my life this August, so now I’m so rich and it will be my pleasure to share this wealth with you my dear readers’  at the end of this post.

So currently I am…


Listening To: Gracefully broken by Tasha Cobbs. That was the highlight of my month, it was on repeat because that’s what God did to me…. He broke me, not to harm me but gracefully. Plus I have a thing with abusing songs whenever I like them, should we call that song abuse? 
Wearing: My nighties and pagamies. And due to the comments on the last post, I’d be sharing other ways you could style your pagamies without looking like you just stepped out of bed.

Reading: The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

A book about a young man who goes in search of his personal legend. And on that journey he learns a lot about life which reshapes how life. 

My favorite quotes from the book are-

“When we discover something we love, everything becomes numb.”

“Everyone seems to have a clear mind about how other people should live their lives and none about his own.”

“When you really want something, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

I’ve read it twice and would still read it all over again…. beautiful book.

: Rihanna again, the girl is an icon- amazing singer, designer and now she’s taking over the beauty industry. The  best part is that she was able to conquer what the beauty industry hasn’t been able to do all this years, which is, creating shades for very dark skinned to albinos as well…..The girl closed the gab.

Wishing: Well, I know I may literally be the only student right now wishing that school resumes but really the government should do what’s right and let students get back to school. Our clock is ticking.

Learning that:  Love is more than attraction. Desiring someone, doesn’t mean they are right for you, take your time before you waste your time.

Determined to: Study harder, be consistent on the blog, add a little DIY here and there and also, other big goals this month though!

Craving: A spa treatment… I just want to be exceptionally pampered and another Asiyami type of vacation.    

Excited by: Today… well your girl is just going to lazy about and not feel guilty about it.

Anticipating : still counting days to my graduation…, I really can’t wait, so much excitement I’m speechless

Splurges : I succeeded in finally getting those cute glasses I’ve been craving, got some really nice thrift finds this month for exceptional prices.

Irritated by: People who feel entitled to your time. 

Inspired by: chriselle factor, my mentor in this blogosphere. I love how she’s able to combine staying married,  taking care of her kids and still consistent on her posting. She posts everyday yo! I don’t even know how she does it and each posts is just as better as the last one.

Loving: my dedicated blog readers…. you guys rock always and hey, guess who just made a wig herself?

Regretting: the fact that I stayed up all night, watching movies and snacking instead of sleeping… So today is going to be another lazy day!

Appreciating: God for His contant Favour and blessings.

So the big news is that, during the month of August, I became a born again Christian. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always been a Christian. Grew up in a strict Christian home where if I didn’t go to church or didn’t say my morning and night prayers,  it was like a sin, against God. 

Becoming a born again changed my perspective about life and especially my walk with God in general. Before then, when I wake up I just mumble words to God without even stopping to thank Him properly… I made Him a warehouse where whenever I needed something I came to Him and then I’m off doing whatever I think is best.

 I’ve become more intimate with God, enjoying His presence and letting Him fill the void in my life as well as letting Him take the wheel of my life. It’s been totally transforming and I really don’t know how to explain how much God has done, but believe me, it’s everything and more you’ve never dreamed of.

I’ve found myself reading more of His scriptures, falling deeper in love with Him. I find myself happier at every moment, I just can’t explain the joy that flows in my heart every minute. He truly  can satisfy you in a way no man can. 

Guys, God is amazing and He is real!!! Give Him a chance and watch everything around you get better.

How was your August dear? Feel free to share with me in the comments section below.


5 thoughts on “Notes | August ’17

  1. Congratulations on the amazing news, i can feel your joy from here.
    On rhianna’s fentybeauty soft matte foundation all i can say is finally! Someone got it right! This all inclusive foundation is beauty goal, no shade wa excluded.

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  2. Congrats! A lot of things are happening in your life. Great. I read The Alchemist a long tome ago and still remember it vividly. As for Chriselle, OMG she’s so lovely… BTW, she’s got a team working with her! Have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

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