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On feeling a little insecure about going makeup free.

Hey strangers, long time no see.

I’m one to disappear and reappear whenever, because I’m still struggling with consistency and finding balance with life, but most importantly your girl just became a graduate and also there’s a little sad news at the end of the post, as to why I’ve been away. Let’s keep reading to find out why.

A while ago, a friend asked me “why I wear makeup?” In my head, I literally had no answer but because I didn’t want to come off as an insecure person, I lied that makeup makes me look different (like I wasn’t already looking different every time I changed my hairstyle *sighs*
But nonetheless, it got me thinking deep about why I hide behind makeup? Why there’s a sudden boldness when I’m on makeup in a public setting than when I’m without? How taking pictures becomes a dreadful action, because you don’t feel pretty enough without makeup? Why do I have to hide behind makeup to feel beautiful and powerful? These questions have been racing through my mind for quite a while now.

Majority of this insecure questions, can be traced to the media( yes, you heard that right!) from social media to what we watch and even read. The world has made it seem like hiding behind makeup, our jobs, what we own or can afford is what actually defines us. And because of this, there are a lot of people struggling with depression, the suicide rates are way up the charts, crime rates, our youths are willing to do anything to get the quick cash, because, they want to be the first to own a particular cloth, you want to show off what you eat and drink on social media, showing off your latest gadgets and cars, or that you’re having the best time of your life, but really are you?
That’s a topic for another day.

Well because I’ve let myself believe the lies that I am not good enough, and have to fit in.   I’ve let myself believe that I have to look a certain way to be appealing when in fact, you can wear the most expensive clothes, have a beautiful makeup on and still be not appealing, because life isn’t just about appearance, or the things we possess.

It’s about balance. Life isn’t just about making up and slaying the red carpet but also being nice(kind) to people because that’s where the true beauty really lies. People may forget how well you slayed or what you wore, but they’ll never forget how nice you were to them. Life is also about being content in who God says you are.

  The Bible says God created us in His image and likeness – in one  sentence. You are God’s perfect creation and you should think and walk like it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear makeup, but the point is, Your smile can be a killer but your followers wouldn’t know that because your face is always covered with makeup or you add filters when its a bare-faced picture.

Sometimes, give your face a break and walk in confidence knowing that you’re beautiful just the way you are.

Well, back to my sad news….. well guys I lost my phone in a Taxi, so almost all my pictures are gone but let’s look on the bright side I’ve been able to write for other blogs as well.

I’ll also love to hear about what you think about going makeup free in the comments section below.


17 thoughts on “On feeling a little insecure about going makeup free.

  1. I agree with you about learning and adjusting to a make up free face.

    I personally got used to make that anytime I don’t wear, people at work hardly recognize me. So I told myself I’m takin a break.

    And now I’m more confident about not wearing make up.

    So sorry about your phone, dear. A bigger and better one is coming 😉

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