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Designing For The Future: Trends we Need to Consider Now

This Blog post is part of the Design Blogger Competition Organized by This Blog post is part of the Design Blogger Competition Organized by CGTrader (In my posts Here   I mentioned how I've been able to improve in my writings, all thanks to blogging. I find it to be great way to express and explore… Continue reading Designing For The Future: Trends we Need to Consider Now

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Steps to Growing your Instagram following

Instagram with over 200million active users, has definitely become one of the most loved social media outlet. More Instagram followers may mean a stronger community for your brand, more views on your blog and more sales and free adverts for your business.  Here's 9 actionable ways to grow your Instagram following     Link your… Continue reading Steps to Growing your Instagram following

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Travel diaries: “Ime-mmahi”-Salt Lake

Happy Christmas babies! Sorry it's coming late but as long as the Christmas lights and decors are still up, it still counts as Christmas though!  Although I have gone MIA for a while now on my Instagram and Facebook; don't think I was sleeping on you guys I was out here discovering amazing landscapes and… Continue reading Travel diaries: “Ime-mmahi”-Salt Lake

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Essentials for the hot weather

I anticipated the harmattan so much that I feel slightly heartbroken because of the heat lately. Last year's harmattan was one of my favorite in Abuja; it had cold mornings, slightly hot afternoons and cold nights as well but this year's harmattan isn't the case because it's hot through out the days and that brings… Continue reading Essentials for the hot weather

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Monday Motivation:Bloom Like the Flower

      Hey love, How are you doing? Great I hope? I owe you guys a huge apology for going completely MIA with no prior notice, I'm so sorry, but I'm here now. So I rarely do the motivational post, because it's one of the most time consuming, and needs total concentration to get everyone… Continue reading Monday Motivation:Bloom Like the Flower

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Hope At 56: “The Re-awakening”

     Like many countries, families and organizations; an anniversary is a time to reflect on past years, the gains and losses, successes and failures in order to learn from past mistakes, and re-strategize for desirable future results. As a country, we have come a long way in years and strengths, we have survived the storms… Continue reading Hope At 56: “The Re-awakening”