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How to: mix Ankara prints 

It's been such a longtime since I put up a post  **attempts to dust cobwebs** And I know I owe you guys a huge apology for attempting to disappear.  To make it up to you guys, I've got something special to say to you awesome people which, I'd do, at the end of the post-… Continue reading How to: mix Ankara prints 

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OUTFIT| Channeling Old School Vibes 

 Currently listening to Bal harbour| Tory Lanez   I really can't believe we are on another quarter of the year, slowly but surely we've come a long way this year; I hope you're congratulating yourself for all you've done, because truth be told it hasn't been easy.... but guess who did it all, you!!!   … Continue reading OUTFIT| Channeling Old School Vibes 

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How to Statement Tees Trend x Friends

Statement shirt: jumia Shorts: Thrift Cap: Temples When the statement Tees trend started off earlier this year, it was a form of protest  against the newly elected president of the United States, but here I am doing the exact opposite of what it was intended; well, because I'm the bad gang leader. *coughs*    I… Continue reading How to Statement Tees Trend x Friends

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How blogging Has helped me 

   I've been blogging inconsistently for about a year and some months now, but professionally for 4 months now; and I'm quite sad I didn't take it so seriously before, because I've improved so much from my vocabulary to exactly how I play with words when expressing myself. If you're probably following me on Instagram… Continue reading How blogging Has helped me