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Review| St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body wash

Currently listening to They can't take that away from me | Jose James  I'm so excited to be writing this review, not just because it's my first review but also because I just had a full plate of beans and chicken and everything around me seems to be exceptionally perfect; incase you're confused about why… Continue reading Review| St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body wash


5 Things That Make Me Happy Always

  Currently Listening to Versace on the floor  | Bruno Mars & David                    It's been a struggle handling my projects, school, and life in general but I've decided not to stay stressed and gloomy but to be all smiles and genuinely happy this semester. I've found… Continue reading 5 Things That Make Me Happy Always


Photo Diary || An Hour in CERCOPAN

Currently listening to Smile by Jay-z ft Maria Carter I am a huge fan of traveling; exploring new places and trying new things. Looking for the word for it- Adventurous! There, found it!! Dreams to walk around cities like New York, frolick on islands like Mauritius, breathe Latino air in Puerto Rico and being treated… Continue reading Photo Diary || An Hour in CERCOPAN

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OUTFIT| Channeling Old School Vibes 

 Currently listening to Bal harbour| Tory Lanez   I really can't believe we are on another quarter of the year, slowly but surely we've come a long way this year; I hope you're congratulating yourself for all you've done, because truth be told it hasn't been easy.... but guess who did it all, you!!!   … Continue reading OUTFIT| Channeling Old School Vibes